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I am a TEFL-certified teacher who began teaching in 2017 when I moved to Madrid.

  • I give private English classes through language academy Transfer Languages, one-on-one or two-on-one lessons with children and business adults.

  • I work as an auxiliar de conversación at a primary school in Las Rozas, Madrid.

  • I have worked for online companies such as SkimaTalk and DaDaABC, giving video lessons to Japanese adults and Chinese children.

Teaching: About

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."

Albert Einstein

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Curiosity—about other cultures, languages, or ideas—enhances the learning process. As a writer and teacher, it's one of the things that fuels me. Just as I teach my students, I believe that they can teach me. Whether it's practical things about Spanish culture or life skills such as patience and perseverance, I will grow alongside them throughout the year.

As an English teacher, my biggest goal is to get my students talking. Once they begin to express themselves, the language becomes less intimidating and more fun. Speaking is most essential for students in their daily lives. I want my students to feel comfortable speaking to me in English, even if they make mistakes.

The Spanish education system relies very heavily on book work. While this is fundamental for learning a language, I believe that my role as a native speaker is to expand upon that and act as a resource.

Teaching: About


Colegio Vicente Aleixandre

I work at Colegio Vicente Aleixandre, a bilingual primary school in Las Rozas, a community just northwest of the center of Madrid. The school is very small. There is only one class of about 25 students for each grade level, from pre-school through sixth grade. There is a diverse student body with immigrants from Morocco to Romania to the Dominican Republic.

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I teach pre-school ages 3 and 5, as well as first, second, and sixth grade.

The most important thing for the preschoolers is to expose them to as much English as possible. I sing songs, chat, and play with them.

With the primary grades, I assist with most English classes as well as some natural and social science classes. Occasionally I take the first-graders to the library to read them a story and complete activities with them. Below, you can see me reading "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" The students practiced color and animal vocabulary. I got them involved in the story by having them ask the question and guess which animal was next.

I also practice reading comprehension with the second-graders. We have stories and activities printed from a booklet and I read the stories aloud and ask questions to check their understanding of the material. When they have science classes, I often pull them out of class and play review games with them to reinforce the material. 

The sixth-graders are preparing for the Cambridge PET and KET exams. These are important as they determine what their English level is moving forward into secondary school. I help them prepare by taking the more advanced PET exam takers out of the classroom to work on practice tests and prep materials.

In addition, I have made slideshow presentations for my classes, including one to introduce myself at the beginning of the school year as well as a Halloween presentation to show students how the holiday is celebrated in The United States.

Teaching: About
Story time in the library with first-graders.
The playground at my school, Colegio Vicente Aleixandre
Teaching my 8-year-old student Wanzi through DaDaABC
Reading comprehension activities with second graders.
Online teaching with DaDaABC
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Teaching: About
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